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Chihiro Asano singing samples 2023

Kindertotenlieder by Tianfang JIA
For female voice and baritone saxophone

Some New Songs for the Void (2023)
Toru Takemitsu Song Medley
arr. by Saki Masui
Xiaofeng Jiang I drift off to a lucid dream...(2023)

Extended Vocal Technique

Enjoy my rendition of

'Silent Night' using Overtone (Polyphonic) singing!

In this video, I showcase the production of a subharmonic voice. The Fo/2 subharmonic frequency (105Hz/Ab2), one octave below the Fundamental frequency (210Hz/Ab3), is distinctly audible and recognizable.

Listen as I perform 'Amazing Grace' using my harmonic series. You'll be able to see it clearly in the spectrogram.

Concrete Wall


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