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Photoplay: Vocal Improv

Silent films and dance, combined with free improvisation of the human voice, to spontaneously create live soundtracks in real time.

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Photoplay: Vocal Improv
Photoplay: Vocal Improv


2024年2月23日 19:00 – 21:00

Cambridge, 288 Norfolk St #2a, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA



An ensemble of singers (led by Angela Yam and Nathan Halbur), with percussionist Denver Nuckolls, explore the intersection of improvised music and movement. They will spontaneously create live soundtracks for classic abstract films, as well as for new works by contemporary filmmakers. In collaboration with dancer Cassie Wang, they will explore the physical movement of the human body in space, and its relationship to sound. This immersive experience will also include communal music-making.

Light refreshments will be provided.

Vocalists: Chihiro Asano, Nathan Halbur, Barbara Allen Hill, Erin Shea Hogan, Benjamin Kapp Perry, Juan Suarez, Angela Yam

Percussion: Denver Nuckolls

Dancer: Cassie Wang

Filmakers: Las que cruzan, M’Kenzy Cannon, Kledia Spiro, Lilan Yang


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